AAAHCAfter a lot of hard work and continued dedication by our team we are pleased to announce that Chestnut Hills Dental has received AAAHC Accreditation!  Accreditation is a voluntary process through which an ambulatoread moreJune 02, 2016
SLEEP APNEA & SNORINGApnea is the combination of two Greek words, (a and pnea) meaning (“a”) without and (“pnea”) air. Sleep apnea refers to the loss of air movement during sleep. This results in a depletion of oxygread moreJune 01, 2016
ZOOM & VENUS WHITENINGGive the gift of a white, beautiful smile! Great news!  We are offering Zoom Whitening in-office sessions for just $399 (a $595 value).  Please mention this ad when ordering yours.  Gift Certificates aread moreJune 01, 2016
ADULT FLUORIDEBrushing and flossing daily will help keep your teeth and gums healthy but if you answer YES to any of the following you may also benefit from adult fluoride: Do you have receding gums or a history of gum disease?read moreJune 01, 2016
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