ADULT FLUORIDE by Chestnut Hills Dental


Brushing and flossing daily will help keep your teeth and gums healthy but if you answer YES to any of the following you may also benefit from adult fluoride:

  • Do you have receding gums or a history of gum disease?
  • Do you have multiple fillings andor crowns?
  • Does your mouth feel dry?
  • Do you wear orthodontic braces?
  • Do you have sensitivity to hot, cold or touch?
  • Do you use home whitening products?
  • Do you chew gum, use lozenges or eat hard candy between meals?
  • Are you currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments?
  • Do you suffer from Acid Reflux?
  • Do you snack frequently between meals?
  • Do you sip on beverages other than water throughout the day?
  • Do you use tobacco products of any type?

Ask your hygienist how fluoride could benefit you!