QUITTING SMOKING by Chestnut Hills Dental


If you are thinking of quitting smoking we would like to help!   It’s a big step for many people and letting go of this habit can sometimes feel like an insurmountable obstacle.   Those first few weeks can be very tough to get through but remember that you’re not alone.   Remember these key points:

  • Be ready – mentally and emotionally.  Smoking is not just a physical habit.
  • Get support and encouragement – let your loved ones know of your intention to quit
  • Learn new skills and behaviors – replace those old habits with healthier new actions
  • Get medication if needed and use it appropriately
  • Be prepared for relapse and have a plan in place for when you are feeling susceptible
  • Keep your eye on the goal and remind yourself daily (even hourly at first) why you are quitting
  • Remember that once you adjust to the lack of nicotine you will be FREE!   Free of the habit, free of the cost, free of the escalated health risks, free of the odor and staining, and free of all the problems smoking can cause!

Once you do take the steps to quit you may want to schedule a cleaning and oral examination.  You may also ask your dentist or hygienst about an Oral Cancer Screening and even a whitening session to brighten your smile!  Contact us for more information or talk to your dentist or hygienist at your next visit.